SC INTERAGRO SRL (in insolvency from 02.02.2016 )

According to the conlcuding pronounced on 2nd of February, 2016, for the case 4010/87/2015 before Teleorman Court of Justice, it was ordered to open the general insolvency proceedings for the debtor company, INTERAGRO LLC, the Consortium of the Juridical Administrators, consisting of CITR, Bucharest Branch SPRL and ZRP Insolvency SPRL.

SC InterAgro SRL Zimnicea `s sphere of activity in both agriculture and industry is pivotal to the Interagro Group.

Through the creation of employment opportunities in a previously economically deprived area it has laid the foundation for significant development in the Zimnicea and surrounding area.

The company was incorporated in 2001 with its main field of activity centralising on agriculture. Substantial financial resources were focused into major investments in state-of-the-art agricultural technologies in agriculture, livestock and food industries. This included harnessing and utilising the available European finance opportunities.